9,50 € Virtuaalilippu 3.7. I Noora Louhimo & The Rock Band

Noora Louhimo & The Rock Band!

Tervetuloa mukaan keikalle virtuaalisesti striimin kautta!
Welcome! The gig was filmed at Kulttuurikuppila Brummi on July 3rd.

Virtuaalilipun hinta on 9,50 euroa ja keikka on sekä hieno että hyvä. Henkilökohtainen katselukoodi lähetetään oston jälkeen sähköpostiin.
Ticket 9,50 euros.

Alla on Noorasta tietoa englanniksi niile, jotka enkkua hiukan osaa.

Noora was born as winter child in November in a harbour city, Rauma. Her relatives and family are from Oulu.

She saw a kids singing competition on TV and realized she's truly interested in singing and performing.

She moved to Tampere with her family

She started writing songs as soon as she knew how to write. She was a dreamer at school since 1st grade. The teachers used to tell her to "Wake up!" while she was dreaming about her future and looking out the window.

Noora Wanted to become a dancer and an artist. She had many hobbies like a circus school, painting/drawing, singing

She started the 3rd grade in music class at a public school and continued until the end of 9th grade.

She followed her big brother in everything - so she started an acting school as a hobby

Continued writing songs, still wanted to become a singer

In the First school girl band - They played some Finnish rock music

-Starts taking vocal lessons

-Starts studying pop/jazz music at PMO in Tampere, Lauri Pulakka as her vocal teacher and mentor.

She formed her first official band "Admiral Octopus" with Joona Mikkola (lead guitar)- they wrote their own music as well as they played cover songs from the 60's and 70's(Janis Joplin, Jefferssons airplane, Eric Clapton etc.)

The band broke up and she started to work on her career with the help of her friend and a musician Klaus-Erik Wirzenius. He took her under his wing at that time and introduced her to the local musician circles by taking her to local jam sessions, they had acoustic duet gigs and he recommended her to do guest vocals in different projects.

Her first experience in a studio was recording her vocals on her 1st Single "Relax" published and written by Jukka Riitaluoma

-Applies to UMK with "Relax" -Gets hired as the lead vocalist to "Battle beast"
-Battle Beast release Battle Beast -album

-Gets hired to "Dave B.Inventive" as backing vocalist along with her brother&mentor PV Louhimo

-Battle Beast release Unholy saviour-album

-Battle beast release Bringer of pain -album and starts their first world tour

Joined a Finnish music TV show "Suomilove" as the 3rd lead vocalist of Loveband.

Battle Beast Released No more Hollywood Endings -album and started their 2nd world tour

The story continues!

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